Frequently asked questions

One of our most commonly asked questions is, "Are you Rick?"

No. The founder of Rick's Roasters is Sean Ricks, also a veteran, and USN retired. Sean sold the business to us in April 2019. He now resides in sunny Florida with his family. The foundations of his hard work still exsist with the original Rick's Roasters specialty blends like: Four Horsemen, Bomber Blend, 442, and Senior Chief.

Do we grow our own coffee? Where do we source our beans?

The answer to the first question is no. Howev er, we source our beans from all over the world. We have a handful of distributors we use to bring the highest quality coffee beans we can find with unique tastes and growing techinques. We also have a number of farm direct relationships: Cafe Tio Conejo- A small family owned farm in Columbia. The small village of Vereda Santa Rita Manizales, Caladas is nestled in the mountains offer a variety of high quality estate grown beans using a combination of tradition and the lastest science in coffee production. Cafe Del Cerro- Owned by the Enoc Flores from Quebradas, Honduras, Cafe Del Cerro offers a variety of coffee grown and tended by the Flores family. The unique relationship we have with this farm takes out the middle man, we buy farm direct from Enoc who has been a coffee farmer since the age of 8 years old!

Do we roast our beans?

Yes! We have a large 50 lb Amex Roaster we have lovingly named Christine! Christine offers a variety of temperature control options. It makes roasting your favorite coffee a dream because it is fully automated to ensure the perfect roast every time.

Where can we buy Ricks Roaster/Brass Bullet Coffee?

Our shop is the best location to come on in and purchase our coffee. We are open Monday-Friday from 10AM-2PM (1304 Interstate Business Drive Fredericksburg, VA 22405) Ricks Roasters Coffee Company and Brass Bullet Coffee Company sells our coffee at the following locations: Farmers Markets- Beginnning in May you can find the RRCC/BBCC coffee tents at the farmers markets in Manassas, Dale City, Fredericksburg downtown, and DLA (Fort Belvoir). Store Front locations: Old Virginia Gourmet (Garrisonville Rd Stafford), VA Store (downtown Fredericksburg), Olde Towne Butcher (Fredericksburg), Occoquan Tea and Spice Shop (Historic Occoquan), Spotsylvania Farmers Market (Jim O'Campo Food Truck) Coming Soon: Harris Teeter Grocery Stores (June 2020)

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